An educator at heart

Rana Hamadani, Owner & Educator

Thank you for considering me as your trusted educator. You have hundreds of training options at your fingertips, and you should be picky! Allow me to tell you about my personal style and philosophy when it comes to teaching. 

Before starting my career in esthetics, I spent over a decade designing, development and instructing classes in the workplace. No matter how busy my life was, I LOVED training and felt energized by the opportunity to give others new tools and techiques that could ultimately make their work-life better. 

When I started my lash journey, I was astonished at how limited my training options where in the Richmond area. I struggled for over a year to "teach myself" the tips and tricks, proper application, and lash safety protocols necessary to offer a great service. 

All the team members at Lash Out Beauty Bar have been trained by me, because I believe in consistency and standards. As my student, you get all the same information. All the products and supplies provided mirror what we use at Lash Out Beauty Bar. No secrets, no holding back. I truly believe that if the Richmond lash community can advance as a whole, we all win. 


Maddie T. 

I took the basic lash certification class with Rana and it was absolutely amazing!! She was very knowledgeable and really set me up for success. I was able to leave the class 100% confident in my lashing skills. She covered all aspects of lashing, including the business aspect, which was extremely helpful for a beginning lash artist. I can’t wait to take the volume and hybrid class!

Brandi A.

10/10 recommend this class!! I was so nervous to start this journey and Rana made me feel confident as ever to start this new chapter in my life after doing her class. She covered everything I needed to know and was very 1 on 1 with you. She is amazing!! You won’t regret this class at all ❤️ Thank you Rana!!!❤️

Tracie H.

I'm so grateful that I received my training at this studio. Rana is very thorough, knowledgeable, and patient. Not only does she teach her students how to lash properly and effectively, she also informs her students regarding what is involved in the business aspect of the lash industry as well. I believe that her training has helped me to perfect my technique along with equipping me with what I need to become a professional and successful lash artist. I will definitely be taking the volume and hybrid course soon!

Kelly D.

I just received my basic lash certification from Rana at Lash Out and let me tell you!!!! It was such an amazing experience. Rana is such an amazing educator and her support and collaboration has been so helpful. She is so thorough and took the time to fully explain every detail, even tips on how to handle situations that will inevitably come up as you start your lash journey. She was a breath of fresh air and so cool . While there, I was able to see the other lash artists’ work and they are all so skilled.