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Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

Laser-free removal

You don’t have to live with cosmetic tattoos you don’t like. We can remove previous cosmetic tattoo work without laser treatment.

How do we remove permanent makeup?

We can remove previous permanent makeup with Li-FT® saline removal treatments. The saline works with the body’s natural healing process to remove the pigment when the scabs shed.

Li-FT® Saline Tattoo Lightening Solution is tattooed into the area of the unwanted permanent makeup by using conventional tattoo methods. When Li-FT®  is soaked into the skin, the natural effect of osmosis begins to take place.

Saline removal is the best option for removing permanent makeup that you are unhappy with or need corrected. It is the most affordable and safest way to achieve permanent makeup tattoo removal.

What is the removal process like?

We start off by numbing the area that will be treated, and will continue to apply lidocaine throughout the procedure. Once your skin is numb, we begin to inject the solution into the tattoo. We’ll provide you with all of your aftercare supplies and give you instructions on how to care for the treated area.

are you a good candidate for tattoo removal?

You should consider this option if you’re seeking to completely remove old permanent makeup, or looking to lighten old permanent makeup enough to allow new, corrective work without laser treatment.

Are emergency removals offered

If you received bad PMU work elsewhere, call us immediately. Emergency tattoo removal are available, and can be performed up to 48 hours post-procedure. The sooner the better. You can see up to 95% removal if we can do the treatment within 24 hours, and up to 80% if its between 24-48 hours.

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Li-FT® is an all natural, safe yet powerful and effective hypertonic saline lightening solution that contains no chemicals and no acids. Li-FT® is a hypertonic solution, therefore it contains a higher amount of salt than the body contains. This enacts the process of osmosis which starts to move the pigment upward to the outer surface of the skin, which is then removed by the skins natural healing process.

In addition to the natural power of salt and the osmosis process, we strategically selected both lemon seed and orange seed extract for their powerful fading and exfoliation properties. With all this natural power, Li-FT® remains gentle to the skin and to ensure good healing and the integrity of the skin we added Aloe Barbadensis and Calendula Extract.

The number of sessions needed depends on the pigment depth, pigment saturation, and tattoo location (some areas hold on to pigment longer than others). While the number of sessions needed is hard to predict, you’ll see an improvement after each session. A consultation is always required before we get started, and we’ll do our best to give you an estimated number of treatments to get to the desired level of fading.

Li-FT® Saline Removal is non-acid contiaining, non-invasive and completely safe. There is no risk to the surrounding tissue and no scarring.

Yes! Many clients choose to remove previous work before getting Combo Brows or Powder Brows.