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There’s a reason the world is addicted. Lash Extensions make you look put together and rested, and enhance your natural beauty by drawing attention to the best parts of your natural eye shape. 

What are eyelash extensions?

We are talking about the art of placing an artificial lash on each of your natural lashes to give you more length, fullness, or both! Lash extensions are applied strategically following customized maps based on your eye shape and desired look. Every client gets a different combination of lash curls, lengths, fullness and design. 

which eyelash extension styles do you offer?

Some of our most popular designs are the Cat Eye, Open Eye, Kitten Eye and Wispy Style! Our goal is always to choose a lash design that accentuates your natural beauty.

For example, hooded eyes do great with the Open Eye map, while closed set eyes look great with a Cat Eye. You don’t need to know what you want, just guide us on how natural versus dramatic you’d like to be and we can curate the perfect look for you! 

It is important to know that our lash artists are Licensed Estheticians who are trained to ensure we don’t strain your natural lashes, so the final look depends heavily on the fullness and health of your natural lashes.

You can always nourish your lashes with our favorite lash serum, Babe Lash, which helps your lashes grow longer and fuller while wearing lash extensions.  

how often do I need a eyelash extension fill?

You’ll want to schedule your lash fills every 2 weeks for the best results. Lashes grow and shed, so even if your lash extensions last longer, they will begin to twist and look gappy if you wait too long between in-fills. Our rule of thumb is to book a Max Fill if it’s been 3 weeks, and to book a full set if its been 4 or more weeks since your last visit.

not sure which eyelash style is best for you?

Take our lash style quiz to see which service would be best for you!

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Your lash fills should be scheduled every 2-3 weeks to maintain your look and manage lash growth and natural lash shedding.

When you get your lashes done by a highly trained and licensed professional, your lashes should never hurt OR damage your real lashes. Natural lashes are damaged when lash artists don’t isolate, use too much glue, or place lashes directly on the skin.

Our lash artists are not only licensed by the state of Virginia to offer beauty services, they also go through an extensive series of proprietary training, and aren’t bookable until they have proven they can isolate and place lashes perfectly. Additionally, we carry only the best top-tier products to ensure the most gentle ingredients are used.

Those with compromised lash health due to chemotherapy, recent eye surgery, and some auto-immune disorders are discouraged from getting lash extensions.

An allergic reaction to lash extensions is most typically a reaction to the active ingredient in the adhesive, cyanoacrylate. This reaction will typically start 24 hours after your lash appointment and presents as swollen and itchy eyelids.

It is important to understand that once this reaction has started, removing your lash extensions will not help. The reaction typically lasts 3-4 days and can be managed best with over the counter topical antihistamines, or medical treatment for serious cases.

Once you react to lash adhesives, it is possible you will be allergic to them all. We do, however, carry a hypoallergenic adhesive that uses a very small amount of the active ingredient. This adhesive is great for those with mild allergies or sensitivity.

Your esthetician’s goal is to make you feel beautiful, so if you ever don’t like the results of your services, all you have to do is call us and let us make it right.