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brow tinting

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Whether you just want your brows dyed or you want the skin stained to look like makeup, we’ve got you covered.

What is Brow Tint?

Brow tint is very similar to hair dye, but it is specially formulated to absorb into brows, which require a stronger formula. Traditional brow tinting dyes the brow hairs to the desired color, and lasts for 6-8 weeks.

Our Bronsun Brow Tint does the same, but also stains the skin for up to 10 days, so you get that completed look with zero maintenance. To opt for Bronsun, choose the “Makeup Effect” add-on.

What if i have gaps in my brows?

Many of us grew up in the 90’s and early 2000’s when thin brows were in, and now we’re kicking ourselves wondering why we have patches of our brows that refuse to grow back.

Try booking Henna Brows if you have gaps! Not only does it stain your skin for up to 14 days, but it also nourishes the hair follicles and promotes hair regrowth in those pesky patches!

How long does brow Tint last?

All of our brow tints last for 6-8 weeks on the hairs. Skin staining differs, as referenced above.

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brow tinting


Book your brow tints 6-8 weeks apart, and book a brow shaping appointment at 3 weeks to keep the shape maintained.

Absolutely. Call our front desk at (804) 517-5168 to schedule a quick patch test 24-48 hours before your first tint or henna service.

Due to the amount of chemicals applied, we do not apply both of these services at the same time. We prefer to wait 2 weeks between services.

Any stinging, burning, welts or blisters are a sign of an allergic reaction. Call to let us know if any of these symptoms occur so we can note your file and avoid similar ingredients in the future.

We always advise that you contact a medical professional when dealing with an allergic reaction. We will provide you with a detailed listing of all ingredients used in our products.