Lip Blush Aftercare

Now that you've had your lip blush permanent makeup done, here's what you need to do to get the best results.

Lip Blush After Care

  1. Lips will feel swollen and very dry after your treatment. With this procedure, you may apply as much Vaseline on clean lips several times a day if you like, but not for the first 24 hours. This should be done for at least 14 days post treatment. Just tap on skin and do not rub in no friction to the lip area.

  2. There will be residual pigment coming off the lips for several days that can stain linens. After lips are no longer tender to the touch, they may become flaky. Do not pick or scratch at them. This may significantly reduce the amount pigment uptake.

  3. Avoid the sun and tanning beds pre & post procedure. Be sure to use a zinc sun block once lips are healed. Please be advised it is a good idea to brush your teeth with just water for 72 hours, post treatment.

  4. Redness, swelling, tenderness, dryness, the appearance of uneven color and lines are all common post treatment side effects and will dissipate in a short period of time after swelling and flaking. They will be very dark & unevenly swollen for the first 48-72 hours.

  5. Don’t worry, the pigment will fade considerably. Avoid oily, salty, acidic foods while healing. Lips are a muscle and will need 1 to 3 sessions to complete the process of this procedure. Lips can be very unpredictable. Some clients will yield very strong healed lip color. Others will only heal with slight color uptake. This will vary on an individual basis. Lips heal in 3 stages: wayyyy too dark, too light, just right.

  6. Clients with sun damage, scar tissue (from injury or fever blisters) and clients with lip filler may not have strong results. Hyperpigmentation can happen on any lip client without warning. Fever Blisters are a known side effect of all lip procedures. Clients are asked to go to their doctor or dentist for an anti-viral medication prior to any lip procedure, to help avoid an outbreak prior if there is any history.

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