Are You On Your Best Lash Behavior?

Do you think you have perfect lash behavior? Let's find out. Give yourself a point for each item you already practice.

  1. Avoid Water: You stay away from steam and water for a full 24 hours after each lash application.

  2. Clean Your Lashes: You clean your lashes daily (twice a day when you get sweaty) to remove oils, makeup, and dirt. Extra point if you use Lash Out Beauty Bar's Lash Wash, which has been specially formulated to strip away oils without burning your eyes or damaging your lashes.

  3. Oil-Free Products Only: You make sure your make up and skincare products are oil-free. We can help you replace your oil-based products with our Dermalogica skincare line during your next visit.

  4. Manage Your Natural Oil Production. If you have naturally oily skin, you're at a disadvantage. What you can do is keep blotting paper in your purse and blot your lids a few times a day to keep oils at bay. Give yourself this point if you have normal to dry skin.

  5. Keep Up With Your Fills: You schedule your fills in advance and don't wait until your lashes have fallen out to reach out for an appointment. Our clients with the best retention are the ones on a regular schedule with recurring appointments. That's because they aren't waiting until its too late and they need a full set!

  6. Don't Pick. You're cognizant of oils on your hands, so you keep your hands away from your lashes and only use a lash wand or your cleansing brush when touching your lashes.

  7. You're a Modern Day Sleeping Beauty. You avoid friction during sleep by sleeping on your back. Extra point if you wake up in the exact same position

Want to know a little secret? Your lash artist wants nothing more than for you to get long lasting retention out of your visit. That's right, a good lash artist doesn't ACTUALLY want to see you every 1-2 weeks (no matter how much we enjoy your company). Why? Because just like you, we understand that time and money are precious resources. That's why, at Lash Out Beauty Bar, we always take time to talk to you about lash care at home. And lash care looks different during warm months versus cooler months. Score yourself on our Lash Care quiz to see how you're doing and where you can improve! ​ ​

How did you score? Did you get more than 5 points?

We'd love to hear your tips for great retention.

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