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General Aftercare

You will need to keep your Permanent Makeup clean and lightly moist. Open skin is sensitive to pet dander, gardening, dust & dirty hands. Do not use any products that are not recommended. Do not waterlog your permanent cosmetics with ointment, pools, baths, steam, heavy exercise, or long showers. 

  • No washcloths, scrubbing or rubbing

  • No makeup near treatment area for 5 days

  • Please try to sleep on your back the first 24-72 hours. 

  • Permanent cosmetic pigment needs 2 sessions for correct color uptake. 


You may lose some color. Colors will change in healing as well this is normal – some lose more color than others, which is the purpose for the touch up. We prefer to go conservative the first session, because we can always go thicker and darker at the touchup.